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Superstition Bash

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Dunk A Witch

Rent a dunk tank from a nearby rental business (they cost between $50-150/day). Have volunteers act as witches and warlocks or invite event participants to be "tested" to find out if they are a witch. Include a handout or information display that explains the practice of dunking alleged witches in history. Or, put on the Monty Python skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Enie, Menie, Hit the Genie

Like the amusement park game, set up several target genies and genie bottles or, as the Philadelphia Humanists suggest, use characters and images from the TV show "I Dream of Jeanie." Have contestants try their luck at knocking the figures down with a tennis ball or sack balls.

Homeopathic Juice Bar

This activity idea comes from the Science & Reason Hampton Roads Organization. The group set up a juice bar at their October 2000 Superstition Bash where they served delicious Homeopathic Raspberry Coolers. You can also include a handout or plaque that explains the concept behind homeopathy and the verdict on its validity.

Recipe for delicious Homeopathic Raspberry Coolers:

STEP 1: Thaw one container of Welch's frozen raspberry juice, mix with a carton of cold half-and-half, then carefully add three and a half containers-full of ice-cold unflavored seltzer water.

STEP 2: Stir this together very gently so as not to disturb the carbonation. Carefully spoon out two tablespoons of this mixture and place in a second container. Add a liter bottle of ice-cold unflavored seltzer water.

STEP 3: Repeat STEP 2.

It's as simple as that!! Since the final cooler has no color, you might want to add a few drops of dark red food coloring for appearance. Of course, you'll serve this over ice with an optional sprig of mint.

Homeopathic Beer Chugging Contest

A fellow skeptic sends in this activity suggestion:

"An event I would suggest is a homeopathic beer chugging contest. If my knowledge of homeopathy is correct, I should be able to dilute a tiny drop of beer into several gallons of water, shake it, and have a drink with all the effects of beer, only its good for me!

The event is who can drink the most homeopathic beer in a set amount of time. The prize is a bottle of homeopathic Dom Perignon and immunity from charges of driving under the influence if they get pulled over by the police on the way home (prize voided if other alcoholic beverages are consumed)."

Ladder Limbo

Whether as a contest or just for fun, get a straight ladder to use in a limbo game. Play some fun music and have contestants have a try at limbo-ing!

Mirror Smash

If you are reluctant to include small mirrors for event participants to smash, consider having a larger one that is smashed at a scheduled time during the event and is highlighted in your media campaigns and program. For added excitement ask a local celebrity, politician or prominent member of the community to volunteer to smash the mirror. This can make for a great publicity opportunity and also provide a central activity for your event.

Photo Ops

If a volunteer has a Polaroid, consider using it throughout the event to provide souvenir pictures to event participants for a modest fee. You can have guests be captured in a photo where a black cat is crossing their path, at the dunk tank, smashing a mirror, with the Misfortune Teller, etc.

Pin the Big Nose on the Psychic

Collect a few pictures of some of the more famous fortunetellers - perhaps even the local horoscope columnists - and blow them up to be included in the "pin-the-big-nose" game. Provide the noses-with-pins to use for event participants and have prizes for the person who gets the big nose closest to the real one. Of course, here we are implying that the psychics are lying and the big nose is a reference to the popular story Pinocchio


Consider raffling off one or more prizes and selling raffle tickets throughout the event. If you use this idea you may want to have raffle tickets as prizes for other events to minimize on the number of prizes you are having to purchase.

Superstition Jeopardy

There are many versions of trivia games that can be incorporated into your event. You could have board games, a stage show with contestants, designed a bit like a spelling bee or a written quiz, that can be handed in at the end of the event with a winner being announced to wrap up the Bash.

Voodoo Darts

Invite event participants to bring a picture with them or have several available to use in makeshift dart boards. Provide darts to contestants and setup an information display on the practice of voodoo. Have a volunteer shout out what is being done to the person on the dart board as each dart hits, according to voodoo practice.

Wheel of Misfortune

A bit like the popular game show, you can put together several categories on the subject of superstitions and have various words, terms and popular sayings that people must guess. You can design a small or large wheel with prizes and the usual "lose your turn," "lose your prizes," "get a failed prediction," etc.