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Superstition Bash


Fun activities for your own superstition bash.

Chain Letters

Chain letters offer many good activity and presentation ideas for a Superstition Bash:

Failed Predictions

There are several activities and ideas that you can use to incorporate failed predictions into your Superstition Bash event.

Misfortune Cookies

Misfortune Cookies are great fun and have become very popular among skeptics. Many cookie manufacturers and local Chinese...

Misfortune Teller

As with other activities presented here, there are several ideas where fortune-telling, or misfortune-telling can be...

More Activities & Games

Dunk A Witch, Pin the Big Nose on the Psychic, Homeopathic Beer Chugging Contest, Mirror Smash, Wheel of Misfortune and more

The Superstition Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course provides a great start to a superstition bash and if possible, should be included at the entrance to...