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Council for Media Integrity

An educational outreach and advocacy program of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)

The Council for Media Integrity was founded in the summer of 1996 at the first World Skeptics Congress, held at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The Council is comprised of a network of distinguished international scientists, academics, and members of the media concerned with the balanced portrayal of science in the media. Members of the Council include E.O. Wilson, Martin Gardner, and Sir John Maddox.

Accomplishments of the Council to date include:



Skeptical Inquirer, The Magazine for Science and Reason, has tirelessly advocated for balance and accuracy in the media. For instance, Eugene Emery, a science reporter with the Providence Journal, contributes regularly to SKEPTICAL INQUIRER’s Media Watch. column. He also writes a yearly press release on failed psychic predictions that annually prompts numerous print articles and radio interviews. In the past, Emery has served as a speaker at the World Skeptics Congress and other national and international conferences.

In an era of tabloid news, pleas for accuracy and balance must become more insistent and pervasive. The Council for Media Integrity can actively promote the importance of scientific literacy, and the appreciation of the scientific method and critical thinking.

Coordinating Committee


Collected articles

“Alien Autopsy” Show-and-Tell: Long on Tell, Short on Show

Skeptical Inquirer

C. Eugene Emery Jr.
November 1, 1995
There's nothing more maddening than being invited to make up your own mind without being given you the tools to do it.

Art Bell, Heaven’s Gate, and Journalistic Integrity

Skeptical Inquirer

Thomas G. Genoni Jr.
July 1, 1997
Following the Heaven's Gate suicides, we learned that talk of a UFO trailing Hale-Bopp may have contributed to the suicides.

Dark Skies Uses Pseudo-Sagan to Recast Astronomer’s Motives

Skeptical Inquirer

C. Eugene Emery Jr.
September 1, 1997
Only five months after his death, astronomer Carl Sagan was turned into a government conspirator in a worldwide UFO coverup.

Science and Reason in Film and Television

Skeptical Inquirer

William Evans
January 1, 1996
Recent media portrayals of science and pseudoscience imply that skepticism is no longer useful and may even be dangerous.

That’s Entertainment! TV’s UFO Coverup

Skeptical Inquirer

Philip J. Klass
November 1, 1996
Network television documentaries about UFOs have willfully ignored evidence that contradicts the pro-aliens theme.

When the Media Tell Half the Story

Skeptical Inquirer

C. Eugene Emery Jr.
May 1, 1997
What a difference nearly three decades doesn’t make.

1998 Candle in the Dark and Snuffed Candle Awards

Special Articles

The Editors
November 13, 1998
The Council for Media Integrity applauds PBS' Scientific American Frontiers for scientific examination of pseudoscience.

CSICOP Response to Fox’s Signs From God: Science Tests Faith

Special Articles

Matt Nisbet
July 29, 1999
Program Aims for Ratings while Abusing Science and Exploiting Belief Systems

Firing of JAMA Editor Wrong Decision

Special Articles

Matt Nisbet
January 21, 1999
Last Friday's firing of George Lundberg, the seventeen-year editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association...

Hollywood Plans a Paranormal End to the Summer

Special Articles

Matt Nisbet
July 22, 1999
Skeptical Inquirer Magazine Offers Critical Guide to Movie Topics

How Star Wars and E.T. Didn’t Ruin the World

Special Articles

Dave Vaughan
May 28, 1999
Response to Matt Nisbet's opinion piece.

Joe Nickell on Coast to Coast with Art Bell

Special Articles

The Editors
November 19, 1998
Joe Nickell was the guest on tonight’s Coast to Coast radio program with Art Bell.

Review of Psychic Medium Van Praagh on CNN’s Larry King Live

Special Articles

Joe Nickell
June 8, 1999
On-air séances are nothing new. Thirty years ago I arranged one in a dimly lit radio studio in Toronto...

The Phantom Menace of Superstition in Film and Television

Special Articles

Matt Nisbet
May 28, 1999
This is an essay about George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Dark Lords of the Sith.

What? I Don’t Remember That! Tabloid Predictions Miss Again

Special Articles

Gene Emery
December 31, 1996
Nineteen ninety-six was an interesting year.