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In-Memoriam Segment from CSICon 2016

Special Report

Timothy Binga

November 9, 2016

One of the “traditions” that occurred at TAM every year was the In-Memoriam segment highlighting those who had died during the previous year; notable skeptics and what were termed “cultural competitors” (those who were opponents of skepticism or noteworthy) were remembered for their deeds in a short presentation shown during the conference.

The 2016 version of CSICon followed with a similar In-Memoriam segment; deceased CSI Fellows, Editorial Board members, and Scientific and Technical Consultants were shown in this year’s segment. Tim Farley took the lead on this year’s creation; I assisted with research as did Jim Lippard.

Here is the list of those honored in the presentation:

Christopher R. Evans1931-1979
Bart J. Bok1906-1983
George Abell1927-1983
Norma Guttman1920-1984
Richard Kamman1934-1984
Milbourne Christopher1914-1984
D.O. Hebb1904-1985
Ernest Nagel1901-1985
Eric J. Dingwall1890-1986
William Nolen1928-1986
Brand Blanshard1892-1987
Graham F. Reed1923-1989
William Verno Meyer1920-1989
Sidney Hook1902-1989
Edoardo Amaldi1908-1989
Roy Wallis1945-1990
B.F. Skinner1904-1990
Ellic Howe1910-1991
Isaac Asimov1920-1992
Jean Dath1918-1996
Gordon Stein1941-1996
Carl Sagan1934-1996
Charles J. Cazeau1931-1999
Glenn T. Seaborg1912-1999
George Agogino1920-2000
Steve Allen1921-2000
L. Sprague de Camp1907-2000
W.V. Quine1908-2000
Milton A. Rothman1919-2001
Thomas A. Sebeok1920-2001
Stephen Jay Gould1941-2002
Walter C. McCrone1916-2002
Robert E. Funk1932-2002
Marcello Truzzi1935-2003
Al Hibbs1924-2003
Dorothy Nelkin1933-2003
Ernest H. Taves1916-2003
Lawrence E. Jerome1915-2004
Francis Crick1916-2004
Paul Edwards1923-2004
Hosur Narasimhaiah1920-2005
Robert A. Baker1921-2005
Philip J. Klass1919-2005
Theodore X. Barber1927-2005
Vern Bullough1928-2006
Barry L. Beyerstein1947-2007
Sterling Lanier1927-2007
Saul Green1925-2007
Jerry Andrus1918-2007
Paul MacCready1925-2007
Joseph G. Jorgensen1934-2008
Henry Gordon1919-2009
Richard de Mille1922-2009
John Maddox1925-2009
Michael R. Dennett1949-2009
Ronald J. Crowley1937-2009
Stephen Toulmin1922-2009
Antony Flew1923-2010
Evry Schatzman1920-2010
Martin Gardner1914-2010
Sid Deutsch1918-2011
C.E.M. Hansel1917-2011
Mark Plummer1949-2011
Richard H. Lange1924-2011
Sergei Kapitsa1928-2012
Leon Jaroff1927-2012
Paul Kurtz1925-2012
Robert Steiner1934-2013
Yves Galifret1920-2013
Charles M. Fair1916-2014
Victor Stenger 1935-2014
Gerald A. Larue1916-2014
Jean Dommanget1924-2014
Richard S. Thill1934-2014
Marvin Zelen1927-2014
Robert B. Painter1924-2015
Elie A. Shneour1925-2015
Wallace Sampson1930-2015
Al Seckel1958-2015
Bette Chambers1930-2015
Marvin Minsky1927-2016
William Jarvis1935-2016
Harry Kroto1939-2016
Robert Todd Carroll1945-2016

Timothy Binga

Timothy Binga's photo

Tim Binga is director of Libraries and IT manager at the Center for Inquiry and an adjunct instructor at the University at Buffalo. He holds a master's degree in library science and dual B.A.’s in history and humanities. He has written for Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry magazines and is a contributor to The Encyclopedia of Time (2009), the Dictionary of Early American Philosophers (2012), and the New Encyclopedia of Unbelief (2006). He is a passionate researcher and cataloger and has lectured on the RMS Titanic, digital libraries and R. V. Pierce.