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CFI/Argentina Report 2012

Alejandro Borgo

October 29, 2012

Borgo's bookAlejandro Borgo’s book ¿Te atrevés a ser libre?

In February, a book written by Alejandro Borgo, CFI/Argentina’s Director, called “¿Te atrevés a ser libre?” (Do You Dare To Be Free?) was published, which deals mainly with individual freedom and its restrictions regarding Church and State issues. Ronald Lindsay and Ron Dultz’s articles published in Free Inquiry magazine, “Freedom of Thought” and “The Individual and Individual Rights” respectively, and Stephen Law’s book Believing Bullshit, are quoted in Borgo’s book. There is also a chapter that deals with gurus and pseudoscience and how these issues restrict our freedom.

As CFI/Argentina does every year, we started 2012 with our course “Beliefs, Pseudoscience and Critical Thinking” which was given during May and June. It was held at the Scientific Society of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and its main content is the role that beliefs, pseudoscience, and critical thinking play in our daily life.

Alejandro Borgo took part in a series of more than thirty television shows that dealt with a New Age guru’s promoter and host of New Age focused TV and radio programs named Claudio María Domínguez. Claudio was the center of a scandal after being interrupted at one of his lectures by a young man who asked him about a guru he has been promoting, called “Maestro Amor” (Master Love), and who had been charged of sexual abuse by the Argentine Justice.

Here are some of the shows mentioned, for Spanish-speaking people:

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: ¿Espiritualidad o negocio?
Las dos caras de Claudio María Domínguez
Claudio María Domínguez y sectas
Claudio María Domínguez y sectas al descubierto
San La Muerte
El “profeta” Kropp, entrevista a Alejandro Borgo

There was also another series of TV shows that dealt with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, an Indian guru, who came to Argentina with the support of the city government of Buenos Aires. His foundation, called “The Art of Living,” is giving courses in “breathing” and meditation. Alejandro Borgo took part in several debates where he exposed the dubious methods that the guru uses and the lack of evidence about the benefits he claims for his breathing techniques and meditation.

In August, Alejandro Borgo represented CFI/Argentina at a lecture organized by the magazine “Psicología Positiva,” about self-esteem and how to deal with our fears, where he exposed how critical thinking can help us to deal with these subjects.

BorgoBorgo at the lecture organized by Psicología Positiva magazine.

attendantsAttendants at the lecture on self-esteem and how to deal with our fears.

We are continuing with our page in Facebook, called “Pasan Cosas Raras” (Weird Things Happen), where people are being informed about pseudoscience, charlatans, and the activities of CFI/Argentina.

On September 28, Alejandro Borgo represented CFI/Argentina at the exhibition “San Luis Digital,” carried on in the province of San Luis, Argentina. He held a lecture for teachers and professors about critical thinking and education. Video of the lecture is available at

Alejandro Borgo and Ang√©lica RequelmeAlejandro Borgo and Angélica Requelme (moderator) at San Luis Digital lecture on education and critical thinking.

Alejandro BorgoBorgo at his lecture “Education and Critical Thinking” in San Luis Digital exhibition.

Finally we have started with a blog in our website,, titled “Cosas raras” which is now being constructed.

Alejandro Borgo

Alejandro Borgo is a journalist and paranormal researcher based in Argentina. In 1990 he co-founded CAIRP (Centro Argentino para la Investigación y Refutación de la Pseudociencia), the first Argentinian skeptical group.