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CFI/Argentina Report 2010

Alejandro Borgo

November 2, 2010

During June and July, the Scientific Society of Argentina held a course on the paranormal and critical thinking...

At the Second National Congress on Atheism in Argentina, I had the opportunity to discuss my hypothesis that atheists practice so-called “secular religions,” particularly when it comes to belief systems that have to do with economics and politics, in my presentation “Do We Want to Be Free? The Hidden Religion.” My presentation, which generated many comments and questions by the attendees, will be online soon.

Alejandro J. Borgo during his presentation at the Second National Congress on Atheism in Argentina.

During June and July, the Scientific Society of Argentina held a course on the paranormal and critical thinking, catering to Argentinians’ continued interest in critical thinking and belief systems.

On September 3, 10, and 17, I was a speaker at a series of lectures for a readers’ group for the book Invasores: Historias reales de extraterrestres en Argentina (Invaders: Real Stories of Extraterrestrials in Argentina) edited by Sudamericana editorial in 2009. I addressed the scientific probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life, but I also addressed the improbability of contacting intelligent extraterrestrial life. I mentioned how extremely unlikely it is that intelligent extraterrestrial beings are actually visiting our planet using vehicles similar to those depicted in science-fiction films and books.

Alejandro J. Borgo and Alejandro Agostinelli at the readers’ group lecture series about extraterrestrial life.

During the final lecture of the series, I had the chance to explain the activities of CFI/Argentina in Buenos Aires, and I gave a brief overview of the course on critical thinking that will be held at the Centro Cultural Rojas by the end of 2010.

I am also working on a book titled Myths and Controversies, which will contain many articles that were published in Pensar magazine. We hope it will be published in early 2011.

CFI/Argentina also held a couple of lectures on topics related to the paranormal and to misinformation in the mass media.

Alejandro Borgo

Alejandro Borgo is a journalist and paranormal researcher based in Argentina. In 1990 he co-founded CAIRP (Centro Argentino para la Investigación y Refutación de la Pseudociencia), the first Argentinian skeptical group.