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Sagan Honored with CSICOP Award

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Skeptical Inquirer Volume 18.5, September / October 1994

While it is true that one of CSICOP's primary roles is to provide critical examinations of paranormal and fringe-science research and reports, it may be less well known that CSICOP understands the importance of recognizing and honoring exceptional individuals and their efforts to educate and contribute to the public's understanding of science and the scientific method. At its 1994 Conference in Seattle, June 23-26, CSICOP presented an award to Carl Sagan:

Carl Sagan: The Isaac Asimov Award

This award was newly established to acknowledge our gratitude to Isaac Asimov for his extraordinary contributions to science and humanity. The award is in recognition of an individual who throughout his or her life has shown outstanding commitment and ability in communicating the achievements, methods, and issues of science to the public. When told that the award would be presented to Carl Sagan, Janet Asimov said, “There is no one better qualified for the CSICOP Isaac Asimov Award than his good friend and colleague Carl Sagan. Isaac was particularly fond of Carl. He was also in awe of Carl's genius, and proud that he was so adept at communicating science to the public through speaking, writing, and the visual media. Thank you again for remembering my beloved husband in this way.”