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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 42.1

January/February 2018

Are Racist Beliefs Pseudoscientific, and What Do We Do About Them?

Terence Hines

A Cancer Nurse Examines Alternative Medicine

Carrie Poppy

A Hard Look at How We See Race

Sam Scott

Combating Racism Through Shared Goals

Stuart Vyse

Critical Thinking Approaches to Confronting Racism

Benjamin Radford

Daryl Bem and Psi in the Ganzfield

Susan Blackmore

Divided Expectations

Matt Nisbet

Free Energy: When the Web Is Freewheeling

Sebastien Point

In What Version of Evolution Do You Believe

David Zeigler

Is Elvis Presley in Home Alone?

Benjamin Radford

Jettisoning Freud’s Spurious Contributions

Peter Barglow

Let’s Be SHARPs Together: The Need for a New Umbrella Term

David J. Tyler and Gary M. Bakker

Medical Misinformation in the Media: Is Anorexia on the Rise?

Benjamin Radford

Myths and Secrets of the Colosseum

Massimo Polidoro

Psychology, Skepticism, and Confronting Racism

Craig A. Foster and Steven M. Samuels

Repeating Erroneously the Words of Another

Glenn Branch

Science (Indeed, the World?) Needs Fewer, Not More, Icons

Kenneth W. Krause

The Giant Panda: Discovered in the Land of Myth

Joe Nickell

The Interplay of Science Fiction and Pseudoscience

Terence Hines

Why Pseudoscience Should Be Taught in College

Alejandro Borgo

Yes, We Do Need Experts

Stuart Vyse

Volume 41.6

November/December 2017

A Great and Fortuitous ‘Find’!

James Randi

Becoming Fantastic: Why Some People Embellish Their Already Accomplished Lives with Incredible Tales

Eric Wojciechowski

Before Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, There Was Dan Q. Posin

Stuart Vyse

Critical Thinking and Parenting: How Skepticism Saved My Special Needs Kid From Certain Death

Amy Frushour Kelly

Editing the Human Germline

Kenneth W. Krause

Food Evolution

Celestia Ward

Hollywood Curse Legends

Brett Taylor

Is Eating Vegetables Truly Safe?

Craig A. Foster

Legitimizing Woo

Benjamin Radford

Loch Ness Solved — Even More Fully!

Joe Nickell

Moving Science’s Statistical Goalposts

Stuart Vyse

Mystery of Mollie Fancher, ‘The Fasting Girl,’ and Others Who Lived Without Eating

Joe Nickell

Pizzagate and Beyond: Using Social Research to Understand Conspiracy Legends

Jeffrey S. Debies-Carl

Ten Questions (and Answers) about Teaching Evolution

Bertha Vazquez and Christopher Freidhoff

The Conspiracy of the Fairies

Massimo Polidoro

The Martin Gardner Correspondence with Marcello Truzzi

Ray Ward

The Roswell Incident at 70: Facts, Not Myths

Kendrick Frazier

Truth to Power on Climate

Kendrick Frazier

Volume 41.5

September/October 2017

Australia’s Storied Ghosts

Joe Nickell

A Brilliant Climate Collaboration

Robert Ladendorf

A Consistently Erroneous Technology

James Randi

A History of Physics Worth Fifty-One Thousand Words

Celestia Ward

Bigfoot as Big Myth: Seven Phases of Mythmaking

Joe Nickell

Evolution in the College Classroom: Facilitating Conversations about Science and Religion

Matt Nisbet

Houdini’s Remarkable Female Detective

Terence Hines

Orbs as Plasma Life

Benjamin Radford

P-Hacker Confessions: Daryl Bem and Me

Stuart Vyse

The Politicization of Scientific Issues

Jeanne Goldberg

Predatory Journals: Write, Submit, and Publish the Next Day

Ramzi Hakami

Teaching Skepticism: How Early Can We Begin?

Scott O. Lilienfeld

The Fakery of Electrodermal Screening

Stephen Barrett

The Fallacy Fork

Maarten Boudry

The Monster of Florence: Case Closed? The Terrifying Story of the Most Infamous Ritual Murders in It

Massimo Polidoro

Una tecnología consistentemente errónea

James Randi, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Volume 41.4

July/August 2017

An Investigation of the Missing411 Conspiracy

Kyle Polich

A Good Analysis of Bad UFO Information

Benjamin Radford

Can Anything Save Us from Unintended Consequences?

Stuart Vyse

Did Australia’s Aborigines See Plesiosaurs? Yes–in a Children’s Book

Philip J. Senter

Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs?

Philip J. Senter

JonBenet Murder Mystery Solved? (Not by Psychics)

Joe Nickell

Maria Konnikova Wins CSI’s Balles Prize in Critical Thinking for The Confidence Game

Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director

Murder by Darkness: Does Mammoth Cave’s Specter Harbor a Secret?

Joe Nickell

‘Psychic Detective’ Noreen Renier: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from a Grieving Family

Gary Posner

The Bigfoot Obsession

Joe Nickell

The Danger of Chromotherapy

Sébastian Point

The Farce Known as ‘FC’

James Randi

The Fires of Creationists, and Rallying for Science

Kendrick Frazier

The March for Science

Matt Nisbet

The Monster of Florence: Case Closed?

Massimo Polidoro

The Phoenix Driveway Ghost

Benjamin Radford

Why We Often Get Risks Wrong

Terence Hines

Volume 41.3

May/June 2017

Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

Benjamin Radford

El negacionismo respecto de las estatinas

Harriet Hall, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Everything You Know about Being Rh-Negative Is Wrong

D. Ellen K. Tarr

Fake News and Fake Science in the Age of Misinformation

Kendrick Frazier

Helping Teachers Teach Evolution in the United States

Bertha Vazquez

It Just Never Stops ...

James Randi

Los campos electromagnéticos ¿pueden crear fantasmas?

Ben Radford, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Research into Astrology Made Accessible

Ivan W. Kelly

Science and History Get Personal

Michael Booth

Some Queensland Mysteries

Joe Nickell

Statin Denialism

Harriet Hall

Still ‘Amazing’: A Conversation with James Randi, Part 2

Kendrick Frazier

Surviving the Misinformation Age

David J. Helfand

The Mindfulness Movement

Matt Nisbet

The Return of the Fairies

Massimo Polidoro

Understanding Manufactroversies

Glenn Branch

Vaccines, Autism, and the Promotion of Irrelevant Research: A Science-Pseudoscience Analysis

Craig A. Foster and Sarenna M. Ortiz

Your Unlearning Report

Stuart Vyse

Volume 41.2

March/April 2017

CSICon 2016: Las Vegas

God’s Own Medicine

Paul Offit

Let Your Questioning Start with Wikipedia

Susan Gerbic

Miracle Tableau: Knock, Ireland, 1879

Joe Nickell

Mystery of the Paulding Light

Benjamin Radford

Still ‘Amazing’: A Conversation with James Randi

Kendrick Frazier

The Dangerous Delusion about Vaccines and Autism

James Randi

The Delectable Myths of Healthy and Healthier Obesity

Kenneth W. Krause

The John Maddox Prize Nomination for Elizabeth Loftus

Chris French

The Scientist and the Philosopher

James E. Alcock

The Selfish Gene Revisited

Richard Dawkins

The Virtuous Skeptic

Massimo Pigliucci

‘UFO Disclosure’ Fizzles Again in 2016

Robert Sheaffer

What Ghosts Mean

Benjamin Radford

Why Skepticism?

Ronald A. Lindsay

Why We Believe —Long After We Shouldn’t

Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson