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Skeptical Inquirer — Volume 20.3

Volume 20.3

May / June 1996

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Senior Researcher Comments on the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon in Japan

by Markus Pössel & Ron Amundson
Volume 20.3, May / June 1996


The myth of the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon was devised by Lyall Watson in 1979 and has been written about in Skeptical Inquirer

A Study of Fantasy Proneness in the Thirteen Cases of Alleged Encounters in John Mack’s Abduction

by Joe Nickell
Volume 20.3, May / June 1996

Investigative Files

Since Robert A. Baker's article appeared in the Skeptical Inquirer, a controversy has raged over his suggestion...

What’s That I Smell? The Claims of Aromatherapy

by Lynn McCutcheon
Volume 20.3, May / June 1996


A small dose of aromatic oil may make for a pleasant experience, but the claims of aromatherapy go way beyond that.

Workshop Report: To Err Is Human

by Nancy Shelton
Volume 20.3, May / June 1996

Special Report

More than one hundred skeptics attended CSICOP's superb Human Error Workshop at the University of Oregon.