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Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

by Christopher Labos and Kenneth R. Foster
Volume 42.4, July / August 2018

Research Review

New NTP Results Inconsistent; Random Chance Likely at Play

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Commentary on John P.A. Ionnidis’s ‘Why Most Published Research Findings are False’

by Ray Hyman
Volume 30.2, March / April 2006

Research Review

We need to consider the prior or pre-study probability that a finding will be true to find the posterior or post-study...

New Analyses Raise Doubts About Replicability of ESP Findings

by Scott O. Lilienfeld
Volume 23.6, November / December 1999

Research Review

The 150-year history of research on (ESP) has been plagued by what might be termed a consistent inconsistency.