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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 38.6

November/December 2014

44 Doctor-Bashing Arguments . . . and Harriet Hall’s Rebuttals

Kendrick Frazier

A Walk on the Other Side

Daniel Grassam

Defending Science-Based Medicine: 44 Doctor-Bashing Arguments ...and Their Rebuttals

Harriet Hall

Dr. Phil and the Hummingbird

Jim Underdown

Era of the Flying Saucers

Joe Nickell


Massimo Pigliucci

JAL 1628: Capt. Terauchi’s Marvelous ‘Spaceship’

Robert Sheaffer

Lessons of a Landmark PK Hoax

Martin Gardner

Moonlight and Magic

Jay M. Pasachoff

Reading, Writing, Math, and Panic in the Schools

Benjamin Radford

Remembrance of Apocalypse Past: The Psychology of True Believers When Nothing Happens

Matthew J. Sharps, Schuyler W. Liao, and Megan R. Herrera

Some Popular Global Warming Factoids

John Eades

Sweet Science of Seduction or Scam? Evaluating eHarmony

Benjamin Radford

The Amazing Randi’s Most Extraordinary Escape, Part 1

Massimo Polidoro

The Great Freethinker We Owe A Big Debt

Kendrick Frazier

Vegetable Oil or Snake Oil? The Pseudoscience of ‘Oil Pulling’

Benjamin Radford

Video Game Violence and Pseudoscience: Bad Science, Fear, and Politics

Christopher J. Ferguson

Volume 38.5

September/October 2014

An Introduction to Homeopathy

Harriet Hall

A Skeptical Linguist Looks at American Beliefs

Mark Newbrook

Bigfoot at Mount Rainier?

Joe Nickell

Carl Sagan, Laurance Rockefeller, and UFOs

Robert Sheaffer

Crop Circles: A Not-So-Convincing Case

Benjamin Radford

Discovery’s Mountain of Mystery Mongering: The Mass Murdering Yeti

Benjamin Radford

Evidence in Science

Massimo Pigliucci

How to Be Less Dumb

Daniel Grassam

Josh Zepps with Ann Druyan: Cosmos, Carl Sagan, and Culture

Josh Zepps

Kendrick Frazier Asks Ann Druyan about the New Cosmos

Kendrick Frazier

Runaway Hysteria: The Toyota Panic, with the Federal Government’s Seal of Approval

Michael Fumento

The Amazing Randi Story: Why James Randi Deserves a Biography

Massimo Polidoro

The Cosmos Odyssey of Ann Druyan

Kendrick Frazier

The Rendlesham UFO Incident: A Study in Folly

James McGaha and Joe Nickell

The Rhetoric of Extraordinary Claim

Peter J. Marston

The Uncomfortable Science of Athletic Achievement

Kenneth W. Krause

Volume 38.4

July/August 2014

Childhood Obesity, Fast Food, and the Overstuffed Elephant in the Room

Kenneth W. Krause

CSI Announces Paul Offit As Winner of the 2013 Balles Prize

Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director

Did Television Introduce Anorexia to Fiji?

Benjamin Radford

Faith Healing: Religious Freedom vs. Child Protection

Harriet Hall

Modern Witch Hunting and Superstitious Murder in India

Ryan Shaffer

MUFON Jumps the Shark

Robert Sheaffer

No Health Risks from GMOs

Steven Novella

Raelism: Christianity for the Space Age

Mark Rubinstein

Science and Religion: New Questions and Issues

Kendrick Frazier

Scientific Methodology and Its Religious Parallels

Charles M. Wynn Sr.

Thermal Imaging: Cold Hard Facts or Just Hot Air?

Everett A. Themer

The Brain and Religious Belief: Analysis Disappoints

Terence Hines

The Epistemology of Thought Experiments, Part 2

Massimo Pigliucci

The Lure of Mysterious Paintings, Part 2

Massimo Polidoro

The ‘Miracles’ of Father Baker

Joe Nickell

The Secular Are Skeptics: The Worldviews of Today’s University Students

Barry A. Kosmin

Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion? A Skeptic’s Guide to the Debate

Scott O. Lilienfeld and Rachel Ammirati

Volume 38.3

May/June 2014

Bill Nye’s Take on the Nye-Ham Debate

Bill Nye

Connecticut’s Hidden Animals?

Kenneth L. Feder

Did Elves Delay Road Construction in Iceland?

Benjamin Radford

Earthquake Lights Shine Again!

Robert Sheaffer

Health Risk from Fukushima Radiation

Steven Novella

Mount Rainier: ‘Saucer Magnet’

James McGaha and Joe Nickell

Myths and Media in the Creationist Movement

Glenn Branch

Quantum Mystification

Kendrick Frazier

Saucer, Saucer, Who’s Got the Saucer?

Robert Sheaffer

Selling Pseudoscience: A Rent in the Fabric of American Medicine

Eugenie V. Mielczarek and Brian D. Engler

Stop Heisenberg Abuse! Three Outrageous Misappropriations of Quantum Physics

Dale DeBakcsy

The ‘200 Demons’ House: A Skeptical Demonologist’s Report

Joe Nickell

The Epistemology of Thought Experiments, Part 1

Massimo Pigliucci

UFOs and Cognitive Science: A Case Study

Matthew J. Sharps

Was Special Creation De-Nye’d?

Penny Higgins

Volume 38.2

March/April 2014

A Philosophical Mind Considers the Universe (and Us)

Kendrick Frazier

Between a Beer Joint and a Highway Warning Sign: The ‘Classic’ Cash-Landrum Case Unravels

Robert Sheaffer

CFI Summit: Highlights

Kendrick Frazier

CFI Summit: Impressions

Susan Gerbic

Eugenie C. Scott Given CFI/CSI Lifetime Achievement Award

Ronald A. Lindsay

How to Think about Appealing Claims

Kenneth L. Feder

Skeptic Activists Fighting for Burzynski’s Cancer Patients

Robert Blaskiewicz

Stanislaw Burzynski: Four Decades of an Unproven Cancer Cure

David H. Gorski

The Burzynski Affair: Forty Years and Counting

Kendrick Frazier

The Conjuring: Ghosts? Poltergeist? Demons?

Joe Nickell

The Continuing Resistance to Acceptance of Reality

Peter Lamal

The Epsitemology of Thought Experiments, Part 1

Massimo Pigliucci

The House of Skeptics Serves Psi (and Crow)

Benjamin Radford

The Lure of Mysterious Paintings

Massimo Polidoro

The Mystery of the Texas Chupacabra

Benjamin Radford

What Is the Danger That Terrorists Will Attack the United States with a Nuclear or ‘Dirty’ Bomb?

Richard E. Wackrow

Volume 38.1

January/February 2014

Australian Man Films Giant Glowing Object in the Sky and Then Deletes Comments Explaining What It Is

Robert Sheaffer

BMI Skeptics

Benjamin Radford

Creationism Gone Global

Kendrick Frazier

Curse of the Evil Eye

Massimo Polidoro

Delving into the Abduction Files

Robert Sheaffer

Demarcation and Pseudoscience

Massimo Pigliucci

Demonology: A Study of What Is Not

Stanley Stepanic

Explanations and Meta-Ideas

Paul G. Brown

Extra Time or Game Over?

Daniel Grassam

Harun Yahya’s Islamic Creationism: What It Is and Isn’t

Stefano Bigliardi

Indian Skeptic Assassinated, World’s First Anti-Superstition Law Passed

Ryan Shaffer

Philosophy Meets Medicine

Harriet Hall

Problems with Modern Medicine: Too Much Emphasis on Disease, Not Enough on Managing Risk

Maciej Zatonski

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions and Make a Profit: My Forty-Year Focus on Climate Change

Thomas R. Casten

Six Signs of Scientism: Part 2

Susan Haack

The ‘Bell Witch’ Poltergeist

Joe Nickell

The Sacrifice of a Skeptic

Bhaskar Sripada

The Unexplained Files—TV Mystery-Mongering

Stephanie Kemmerer

Three Days of Science and Skepticism in Stockholm

Kendrick Frazier

When Big Evidence Isn’t: The Statistical Pitfalls of Dean Radin’s Supernormal

Dale DeBakcsy

When Does a Human Life Begin?

Elie A. Shneour