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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 21.6

November / December 1997

The Battle Between Political Agendas and Science

Gwen A. Burda

Hidden Messages and The Bible Code

Dave Thomas

Science, Scientism, and Anti-Science in the Age of Preposterism

Susan Haack

Volume 21.5

September / October 1997

Alternative Medicine and the Laws of Physics

Robert L. Park

Dark Skies Uses Pseudo-Sagan to Recast Astronomer’s Motives

C. Eugene Emery Jr.

Skeptical Simpsons Episode Spoofs Aliens, Pseudoscience

Mike Brown

The Truth Is, They Never Were ‘Saucers’

Robert Sheaffer

Why Bogus Therapies Seem to Work

Barry L. Beyerstein

Volume 21.4

July / August 1997

Art Bell, Heaven’s Gate, and Journalistic Integrity

Thomas G. Genoni Jr.

The Carl Sagan Memorial Service

Warren Allen Smith

Examining the Amazing Free-Energy Claims of Dennis Lee

Eric Krieg

UFO Mythology: The Escape to Oblivion

Paul Kurtz

What Really Happened at Roswell

Kal K. Korff

Volume 21.3

May / June 1997

Council for Media Integrity Blasts Networks for Distorted Treatments of Science

Kendrick Frazier

The Darkened Cosmos II: More Tributes to Carl Sagan

The Editors

Is the Sky Falling?

David Morrison


James Rotton

Skepticism and Politics

Barry Fagin

When the Media Tell Half the Story

C. Eugene Emery Jr.

Volume 21.2

March / April 1997

An Astronomer’s Personal Statement on UFOs

Alan Hale

A Bridge Too Far

Jeffrey B. King

The Darkened Cosmos: A Tribute to Carl Sagan

The Editors

The End of Science?

Theodore Schick Jr.

Hale-Bopp Comet Madness

Alan Hale

Volume 21.1

January / February 1997

Implants and Gurus Are Everywhere

Robert Sheaffer

The Mysterious Placebo

John E. Dodes

Quantum Quackery

Victor Stenger