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Volume 43.1

A Skeptical Guide through the Conspiracy Rabbit Hole

Celestia Ward

Better Than Dumbledore

Harriet Hall

‘Class A’ Bigfoot Report Reveals Little about the Beast—and Much about the Seekers

Benjamin Radford

Cold Fusion: Thirty Years Later

David W. Ball

Cold Fusion to E-Cat: From Pathological Science to … Worse

Kendrick Frazier

Could Multiple Personality Disorder Explain Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Robert Stern

How to Be Skeptics 2.0 with the Help of … YouTube

Massimo Polidoro

Is Acupuncture Winning?

Harriet Hall

It Is Not the God Engine That Sputters…

James Alcock

Kraken: Monster of the Deep

Joe Nickell

Say It Isn’t So

Kenneth R. Foster

Screening for Prostate and Breast Cancer: It’s More Complex Than You May Think

Felipe Nogueira

Talking Science and Society at Church: Let’s Put Aside Differences to Tackle Society’s Biggest Chall

Matt Nisbet

The Sputtering Engine of Creator Belief

Gregory S. Paul

What Are Contact ‘Experiencers’ Really Experiencing?

Ted Goertzel

Why E-Cat Is a Hoax

Sadri Hassani

Volume 42.6

November / December 2018

Arkansas’s White River Monster: Very Real, but What Was It?

Joe Nickell

Arthur J. Cramp: The Quackbuster Who Professionalized American Medicine

Robert Blaskiewicz and Mike Jarsulic

Autism Wars: Science Strikes Back

Stuart Vyse

A Detailed Primer in Fighting Wildlife Crime

Bob Ladendorf

Channeling Ancient African Wisdom—or Not

Benjamin Radford

Cómo creemos

Harriet Hall, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Diving into the VAERS Dumpster

Harriet Hall

Essential Oils: One Weird Workshop

Susan Gould

Grand Illusions and Existential Angst

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

How We Believe

Harriet Hall

The Ecomodernists

Matt Nisbet

The Salton Sea Flat Earth Test: When Skeptics Meet Deniers

Jim Underdown

Those Supposed Aliens Might Be Worms

David Zeigler

Thoughts on Visiting Darwin’s Home, Down House

Kendrick Frazier

UFOs: Why Humanoid Aliens? Why So Varied?

Eric Wojciechowski

UFO Identification Process

Joe Nickell and James McGaha

When Psychics Come Under Control of Organized Crime

Wendy Grossman

Volume 42.5

September / October 2018

An Early ‘Monster’ with an Older History

Terence Hines

A Telepathy Investigation

Massimo Polidoro

Biological Reasons Young-Earth Creationists’ Worldwide Flood Never Happened

Lorence G. Collins

Caught Between the Possible and the Paranormal

Benjamin Radford

Climate Fundamentals: NOVA’s ‘Decoding the Weather Machine’

David Morrison

From the Spectral to the Spectrum: Radiation in the Crosshairs

Jeanne Goldberg

Ghostly ‘Black Monk’ or Random Tourist?

Kenny Biddle

I’ve Got Algorithm. Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Peter Kassan

Multi-Level Menace

Denise Sutherland

On the Set of Cosmos’s Season Two

Kendrick Frazier

Outside the Box: Solving Diverse Mysteries

Joe Nickell

The Care and Feeding of the Vagina

Harriet Hall

The Case That CAM is Unethical

Harriet Hall

The God Engine

James Alcock

This is Your Brain on Social Media

Benjamin Radford

We Need a Paradigm Shift in Science Advocacy

Gregg Davidson, Carol Hill, and Ken Wolgemuth

Why are Millennials Turning to Astrology?

Stuart Vyse

Why Belief is So Powerful

Volume 42.4

July / August 2018

A Monumental, but Flawed, Effort to Understand Behavior

Reynold Spector

CBS Sunday Morning Seers Don’t See So Well

Joe Nickell

Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

Christopher Labos and Kenneth R. Foster

Dead Varmint Vision at Its Funniest

Philip J. Senter

Gullible Reporting about ESP on CBS

Steven Novella

Lotus Birth

Kavin Senapathy

Response to Ken Ham and YouTube Comments by Andrew Snelling

Lorence G. Collins

Secrets of ‘The Flying Friar’: Did St. Joseph of Copertino Really Levitate?

Joe Nickell

Skepticism and Literature in Nineteenth-Century Spain

Azucena López Márquez and Antonio G. Valdecasas

Skepticism Reloaded

Amardeo Sarma

Speed Reading: Fact or Fiction

William Vanderlinde

Tackling the Big Questions

Harriet Hall

The Anatomy and Pathology of Jihad

Vanni Cappelli

The Enduring Legend of the Changeling

Stuart Vyse

The Phantom Menace of UFO Revelation

Benjamin Radford

Wildlife Apocalypse: How Myths and Superstitions Are Driving Animal Extinctions

Bob Ladendorf and Brett Ladendorf

Volume 42.3

May / June 2018

A Doctoral Dissertation on a Geocentric Flat Earth

Yaël Nazé

Does the Vatican Hold a Painting of a UFO?

Massimo Polidoro

Scientific American Collection on the Science about Controversial Issues

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Flat-Earth Anxieties Reflect Misplaced Priorities

Craig A. Foster

Following Disgraced Doctor Andrew Wakefield

Reviewed By: Robert Ladendorf

Letters to the Editor

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Navy Pilot’s 2004 UFO: A Comedy of Errors

Joe Nickell

New and Notable

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Percival Lowell and the Canals of Mars

Matthew J. Sharps

Progressophobia: Why Things Are Better Than You Think They Are

Steven Pinker

Reconsidering Monsters

Reviewed By: Joseph R. Stains

Sorry, ‘Theistic Science’ Is Not Science

Brian Bolton

Take a Wish Foundation

Ian Harris

The 1849 Balvullich Ice Fall

Randall J. Osczevski

The Case of the Curious Christmas Light

Benjamin Radford

The Curious Question of Ghost Taxonomy

Benjamin Radford

The Fortieth Anniversary of E.O. Wilson’s On Human Nature

Reviewed By: Paul Brown

Trauma and Taboo: Traumatic Memories Are Alive and Well and Eating Your Innards Out

Robert Stern

Why Did We Call Prince Charles Foolish and Immoral?

Edzard Ernst

Why We Can’t Acknowledge Progress

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

William James and the Psychics

Stuart Vyse

Volume 42.2

March / April 2018

Ambassadors for Science

Matt Nisbet

Colin Wilson’s Idiosyncratic Literary Legacy

Brett Taylor

CSICON Las Vegas 2017

Kendrick Frazier

David vs. Whatsisname

George Hrab

Do Superstitious Rituals Work?

Stuart Vyse

Drug Therapy Hype: The Misuse of Data

Reynold Spector

The War on Science, Anti-Intellectualism, and ‘Alternative Ways of Knowing’ in 21st-Century America

H. Sidky

Hawking ‘Ghosts’ in Old Louisville

Joe Nickell

Just Asking Questions

Benjamin Radford

Short Takes from CSICON 2017

Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director

Strange Songs from the Fringe

Brian Regal

The Riddle of Consciousness

Harriet Hall

Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened

Dr. Lorence G. Collins

Yet Another Title on ‘Quantum’ Consciousness

Sadri Hassani

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