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A Phil Klass Book for Kids

The Editors

Skeptical Briefs Volume 4.3, September 1994

CSICOP is continually receiving letters from schoolchildren looking for information on a variety of subjects for use in their school work or because of a personal interest. One of the most popular topics is UFOs. With this in mind, CSICOP recently published a 26-page profusely illustrated booklet, Bringing UFOs Down to Earth. Written by CSICOP’s UFO Subcommittee chairman, Philip J. Klass, the booklet was originally commissioned by the Smithsonian National Air Space Museum and is intended as an overview of the scientific investigation of UFO claims.

CSICOP is pleased to report that interest in the booklet has been rewarding, not only do we receive orders from many individuals, but also from such institutions as the St. Louis Science Center, which is now selling the booklet in its Shop for Science. We also received an order for 100 copies to be used by the Smithsonian National Air Space Museum.