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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 7.2

June 1997

The Roswell Legacy

by Joe Nickell
Volume 7.2, June 1997

Investigative Files

Fifty years ago this summer, the modern UFO craze began...

An Alien Taxonomy

by Robert Baker
Volume 7.2, June 1997

A Skeptic's Notebook

Once the concept of extraterrestrials managed to dominate the media, it was inevitable that someone would establish a taxonomy.

Imported Paranormal Beliefs in Taiwan

by Monty Vierra
Volume 7.2, June 1997

Taiwan has so far been spared much of the cult madness that elsewhere captures headlines...

Group News

by Thomas G. Genoni Jr.
Volume 7.2, June 1997

Group News

1997 marks the 50th anniversary of the "Roswell incident," an event that helped kick off our culture's fascination with UFOs.