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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 6.2

June 1996

CSICOP Holds Workshop in San Diego

CSICOP Holds Workshop in San Diego

by The Editors
Volume 6.2, June 1996

A workshop on "Feats of the Wonder Workers" was held on March 23 and 24, 1996, at the Regency Plaza Hotel in San Diego.

Israel: Where the Paranormal Is Normal

by Eric Lee
Volume 6.2, June 1996

I should begin by saying that this has always been a land in which the paranormal is normal.

Levengood’s Crop-Circle Plant Research

by Joe Nickell
Volume 6.2, June 1996

Investigative Files

The question of bias is important since Levengood's attitudes and assumptions reveal him as a partisan crop-circle "believer."

Scientific Remote Viewing

by Robert Baker
Volume 6.2, June 1996

A Skeptic's Notebook

Historians of the next century will no doubt regard January 1996 as the period of the greatest breakthrough in all of history.