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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 6.1

March 1996

NBC’s Origins Show


by Dave Thomas
Volume 6.1, March 1996

Quality science was nowhere to be found during the Feb. 25th, 1996 NBC broadcast entitled The Mysterious Origins of Man

Nessie Hoax Redux


by Joe Nickell
Volume 6.1, March 1996

Investigative Files

In 1934, a photo of "Nessie," the fabled Loch Ness Monster, was allegedly snapped by a London gynecologist named Robert Wilson.

Improving Scientific Literacy


by Robert Baker
Volume 6.1, March 1996

Book Review

Review of The Myth Of Scientific Literacy by Morris H. Shamos

Psychics, Physics and Magnets


by Milton Rothman
Volume 6.1, March 1996

Reality Check

A wonderful document has wafted its way across my desk. It is either a press release or a scientific abstract...