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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 24.2

Summer 2014

The Kaspar Hauser Mystery

by Romeo Vitelli
Volume 24.2, Summer 2014

On May 26, 1828 (Easter Monday), two men were talking together in the Unschlittplatz near Nuremberg’s New Gate when they were approached by a teenage boy. By all accounts, he was a fresh-complexioned boy of about seventeen years of age dressed like a peasant.

Five Myths about Airport Security

by Richard E. Wackrow
Volume 24.2, Summer 2014

An estimated $57 billion has been spent on airport security since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Yet, since its inception in November 2001, the Transportation Security Administration has neither prevented nor failed to prevent a terrorist from hijacking or taking down a passenger plane.

The Yukon’s Bigfoot Bears

by Joe Nickell
Volume 24.2, Summer 2014

Investigative Files

Despite a lack of convincing evidence for Bigfoot, belief persists, and Bigfoot buffs are active almost everywhere, including the sparsely populated Yukon.

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Trusting Evidence

by Barbara Mervine
Volume 24.2, Summer 2014

Book Review

A review of In Evidence We Trust: The Need for Science, Rationality, and Statistics by Jamie Hale

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The Skeprechauns: A Skeptical Pot­-o-­Gold

by Gurmukh Mongia
Volume 24.2, Summer 2014

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