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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 20.2

June 2010

Tijuana: Magic and Mystery

Tijuana: Magic and Mystery

by Joe Nickell
Volume 20.2, June 2010

At first thought, Tijuana has little to do with the Olmecs, who lived in the rich lowlands of Mexico’s Gulf Coast and created a great civilization that was...

Is There Evidence for an Afterlife?

by Victor Stenger
Volume 20.2, June 2010

D’Souza claims that near-death experiences (NDE) suggest that consciousness can outlive the breakdown of the body, and they cannot be explained as the...

Close Encounter of the Secondhand Kind with ‘Psychic Medium’ George Anderson

by Gary Posner
Volume 20.2, June 2010

One needs to listen to the entire recording to appreciate the endless stream of wild guesses and proffered questions that don’t offer any specific...

Shooting for The Sun

by Tom Napier
Volume 20.2, June 2010

A physicist explains why the sun is a poor dumping ground for nuclear waste.