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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 13.3

September 2003

A Magical Death?

by Phillips Stevens, Jr.
Volume 13.3, September 2003

The death of Elisabeth Targ by the same disease she was trying to cure by "distant healing" yields some new perspectives on...

Paranormal Claims in Peruvian Mass Media

by Manuel A. Paz y Miño
Volume 13.3, September 2003

One of the main goals of the Peruvian Center for Investigation of Paranormal Claims, Pseudo-Sciences, and Irrationality...

The Case of the Alien Hand

The Case of the Alien Hand

by Joe Nickell
Volume 13.3, September 2003

Investigative Files

It was Monday, March 24, 2003, when the voice of CSICOP Executive Director Barry Karr came over my intercom...