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Skeptical Briefs — Volume 12.2

June 2002

Investigating Witchcraft and Sorcery in Rangareddi District, India


by Dr. G. Vijayam
Volume 12.2, June 2002

The superintendent of police of India's Rangareddi district invited a team from the Atheist Centre to investigate witchcraft...

L’Effroyable Auteur


by Kevin Christopher
Volume 12.2, June 2002

President of the French leftist organization Reseau Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan, is rising to worldwide recognition as the...

‘Miraculous’ Image of Guadalupe


by Joe Nickell
Volume 12.2, June 2002

Investigative Files

Mexico's Image of Guadalupe is a sixteenth-century depiction of the Virgin Mary that, according to pious legend...