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CSI collects resources of interest to skeptics from around the web. If you maintain a website or know of one we've missed, feel free to contact us!

CSI Fellows

Stephen Barrett

M.D., psychiatrist, author, consumer advocate, Allentown, Pa.

Andrew Fraknoi

Astronomer, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Elizabeth Loftus

Professor of Psychology, Univ. of Washington.

John Paulos

Mathematician, author, Temple University.

Massimo Polidoro

Science writer, author, executive director CICAP, Italy.

Richard Dawkins

Ethologist and evolutionary biologist, Oxford University

Richard Wiseman

Public Understanding of Psychology.

Astrology and Astronomy

Astrology & Science

Articles covering scientific, historical and philosophical issues, and the results of scientific research.

Bad Astronomy

Corrects misinformation about astronomy.


Books by Charles Darwin

National Center for Science Education

No Answers in Genesis!


Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins.

Health and Psychology

American Family Foundation

A secular, nonprofit, tax-exempt research center and educational organization founded in 1979.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Discusses the controversy raging over "recovered memories."

National Council Against Health Fraud


Operated by CSI fellow Stephen Barrett, M.D.


Skeptical Briefs

Newsletter of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Index to Skeptical Inquirer and other publications

Prometheus Books (UK)

Prometheus Books (USA)

Skeptical Inquirer

Magazine of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Skeptic Magazine

The Skeptic magazine

Skeptical Forums

CFI Forums

Discussion forums for CSI's supporting organization, the Center for Inquiry

Skeptical Organizations and Services

James Randi Educational Foundation

The Amazing One's home page.

Skeptics Society

Zetetics Laboratory of the University of Nice, France

“the one and only university lab officially devoted to the scientific study of the allegations of the paranormal.”

Skeptical Websites

Astronomical Pseudo-science: A Skeptic’s Resource List

Resources for those who want to examine some of the claims at the fringes of science that seem connected to astronomy.

Gary P. Posner, M.D.

Founder and Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Skeptics.

Penn State University Skeptics Club

Skeptical Pages by Tommy Persson.

Real audio skeptical reports.

Skeptic’s Digest

A gateway to the best skeptical articles on the Web about the unexplained, paranormal and pseudoscience.

The Skeptic Friends Network

Skeptic News

Tracks new information on various skeptical web pages.

The Debunker’s Domain

Victor J. Stenger

Professor of Physics, Skeptic

Transcendental Meditation

Meditation Information Network

“Supporting critical examination of the programs associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”




Bad UFO’s

Reflections on UFOs, skepticism, and practically anything else by Robert Sheaffer, author of "UFO Sightings."

Condon Report

Text of the 1968 project carried out under an Air Force contract by the University of Colorado, directed by Dr. Edward Condon.

Debunker UFO Files

Saucer Smear

The Truly Dangerous Co.

Special effects experts examine the "alien autopsy" film.

UFO Skeptic’s Toolkit

Contains lots of UFO material, and some newsletters.

Urban Legends


Urban Legends Reference Pages