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Alternative Medicine is Killing the Rhino: Skeptical Inquirer Exposes How False Beliefs Are Driving

June 15, 2018

The rhinoceros is being driven to the brink of extinction, slaughtered by poachers for their horns, and much of the killing is being driven by the buyers and sellers of fake medicine.

CBS Condemned by Committee for Skeptical Inquiry for ‘Sunday Morning’ Segment on the Paranormal

March 19, 2018

The segment on ESP and the paranormal in this week’s CBS Sunday Morning nationally aired television show (March 18) was a regrettable lapse in the CBS network’s usually objective and reliable coverage. We call on CBS and the Sunday Morning show to take steps to correct the record and provide a more truthful and scientifically accurate view of the topic.

The Politicization of Science: Skeptical Inquirer on a Danger to Democracy

August 11, 2017

In the national debates over contentious scientific issues such as climate change, vaccines, and evolution, political and cultural identification have become a determining factor as to whether one accepts the facts of science. In its latest issue, Skeptical Inquirer traces the roots of the politicization of scientific issues.

Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs? Paleontologist Tests Creationists’ Claims for “Skeptical Inquirer”

June 8, 2017

Plus: Investigator Joe Nickell Reopens the JonBenet Ramsey Case

Maria Konnikova Wins Critical Thinking Prize from CSI for “The Confidence Game”

May 18, 2017

In her acclaimed bestselling book The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It…Every Time, New Yorker staff writer Maria Konnikova reveals the nefarious tricks of the con artist’s trade, showing us how frauds and charlatans manipulate us by playing on our vulnerabilities and what we perceive to be our best qualities.

How to Survive the Misinformation Age: Skeptical Inquirer Takes on “Alternative Facts”

April 3, 2017

With the rise of fake news and “alternative facts,” no publication is better suited than Skeptical Inquirer to serve as a survival manual for the wilderness of misinformation. In its latest issue, leading thinkers confront the storm of falsehoods and pseudoscience with practical strategies built on a foundation of facts.

The Selfish Gene at 40: Richard Dawkins Reflects On His Landmark Work in Skeptical Inquirer

February 15, 2017

With his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins revolutionized the modern understanding of evolution by natural selection and sparked a passion for science in millions of readers across generations. Forty years later, Dawkins revisits his milestone work in Skeptical Inquirer...

Science Besieged: Skeptical Inquirer on the Battles over Stem Cells, Climate, and the Truth Itself

December 13, 2016

Science in the United States, embattled as ever, is about to enter a new, heightened era of crisis, as old battles over subjects like stem cells and climate change rage on, and political partisanship hardens false beliefs. The latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer brings us to the front lines of the struggle over the place of science and reason in policy and culture.

Center for Inquiry Lauds FTC for Curbing Homeopathy’s False Advertising

November 16, 2016

The Center for Inquiry praised the Federal Trade Commission’s new enforcement policy statement on the marketing of homeopathic drugs, promising to hold the health-related claims made by the manufacturers of these pseudoscientific “alternative” remedies to the same standards as any other remedies.

40 Years of Skeptical Inquirer: Personal Odysseys Shared in Special Anniversary Issue

October 18, 2016

Skeptical Inquirer celebrates its fortieth anniversary with a special issue highlighting the personal journeys of some of today’s leading skeptics. An esteemed group of academics, investigators, and activists share stories and reflections of the movement that grew in large part out of this groundbreaking magazine’s pages.

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