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William H. Baarschers

William H. Baarschers is a professor emeritus of chemistry at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. His research interests include the chemistry of medicinal plants, synthetic chemistry, environmental science, and industrial toxicology. He is currently the advisor to the university's Resource Center for Occupational Health and Safety. He is the author of Eco-Facts & Eco-Fiction: Understanding the Environmental Debate (Routledge, 1996).

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Pep Talk: How to Get Rid of the Energy You Don’t Need

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 31.1, January / February 2007


Health-related energy ideas readily move from thermodynamics into pseudoscience, and sometimes right into the paranormal.

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The Elixir of Life: Green Tea or Red Wine?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.5, September / October 2005


Green tea, steeped in an ancient civilization, conquered the West because of its supposed health effects.

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Natural Medicine: Will That Be a Pill or a Needle?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.1, January / February 2005


Many alternative practitioners promise to reveal "secrets your doctor never told you." One secret is never mentioned...

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