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Scott Aaron Stine

Scott Stine is a freelance writer and author of the forthcoming book The Gorehound’s Guide to Splatter Films. He is also the publisher of GICK!, an internationally distributed magazine devoted to horror, splatter, and exploitation films. His fiction (written under the pseudonym of “Reginald Bloom”) has been published in such publications as Lethologica, Raw Media Mags, and Touchstone NW. An earlier version of this article originally appeared in Painful Excursions Volume 1, Number 10, 1996.

The Snuff Film: The Making of an Urban Legend

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 23.3, May / June 1999

The Snuff Film: The Making of an Urban Legend

One of the most enduring urban legends about cinema is the "snuff film," in which actresses are supposedly killed onscreen.

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