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Robert Baker

Robert A. Baker is professor of psychology emeritus, University of Kentucky, Lexington.

Robert Baker Replies to Sheldrake

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 25.2, March / April 2001


Robert Baker's reply to Rupert Sheldrake

The Case of the Missing Poltergeist

Skeptical Briefs Volume 10.2, June 2000

The Case of the Missing Poltergeist

Like many citizens, Fred Fudge reads the news during breakfast and, on rare occasions, even converses with Mrs. Fudge...

Can We Tell When Someone Is Staring at Us?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 24.2, March / April 2000

Can We Tell When Someone Is Staring at Us?

It is commonly believed that people can tell when someone is staring at them.

Art Bell’s Quickening Is Sickening

Skeptical Briefs Volume 7.4, December 1997

A Skeptic's Notebook

We’ve long known that Art Bell, night radio’s paranoid propagandist, knows how to rave and rant.

Prayer Wars

Skeptical Briefs Volume 7.3, September 1997

A Skeptic's Notebook

In 1994, we reported on Larry Dossey, who assured us that prayer can not only heal, but it also makes those who pray feel better

An Alien Taxonomy

Skeptical Briefs Volume 7.2, June 1997

A Skeptic's Notebook

Once the concept of extraterrestrials managed to dominate the media, it was inevitable that someone would establish a taxonomy.

Scientific Remote Viewing

Skeptical Briefs Volume 6.2, June 1996

A Skeptic's Notebook

Historians of the next century will no doubt regard January 1996 as the period of the greatest breakthrough in all of history.

Improving Scientific Literacy

Skeptical Briefs Volume 6.1, March 1996

Book Review

Review of The Myth Of Scientific Literacy by Morris H. Shamos

Have You Seen “The Light?”

Skeptical Briefs Volume 5.2, June 1995

If you haven't seen "the light", then you at least have read about it or have watched the illuminated discussing it on TV.

Nutty Professors, or Some Addled Academics?

Skeptical Briefs Volume 4.4, December 1994

A Skeptic's Notebook

Observers of the passing parade not so long ago used to refer to certain periods or times of the year as "the silly season."

If Looks Could Kill and Words Could Heal

Skeptical Briefs Volume 4.3, September 1994

A Skeptic's Notebook

There'd be a lot more dead and a lot fewer sick people around

Maybe They’re Onto Us After All

Skeptical Briefs Volume 4.3, September 1994

A Skeptic's Notebook

"I'm onto you people and I know what you've been up to. You and your cronies will not get away with it."

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