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Milton Rothman

Milton Rothman is a physicist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sci-Fi Art, the Levitron, and Collapsing Atoms

Skeptical Briefs Volume 7.4, December 1997

Reality Check

One of the results of a long and checkered career is the accumulation of assorted information, most of which does me no good.

Pseudoscience on the Internet

Skeptical Briefs Volume 6.4, December 1996

Reality Check

Pseudoscience has become more sophisticated and, perhaps, more mainstream than it used to be.

On the Internet

Skeptical Briefs Volume 6.3, September 1996

Reality Check

Some time ago, I subscribed to Prodigy and spent many bemused hours corresponding with denizens of their physics bulletin board.

Psychics, Physics and Magnets

Skeptical Briefs Volume 6.1, March 1996

Reality Check

A wonderful document has wafted its way across my desk. It is either a press release or a scientific abstract...

EMFs Again

Skeptical Briefs Volume 5.4, December 1995

Reality Check

My last column had a few things to say about claims of cancer risk produced by low frequency electromagnetic fields.

Bad Science, Phony Science and Pseudoscience

Skeptical Briefs Volume 5.3, September 1995

Reality Check

Sometimes the difference between real science and pseudoscience is so small that it is hard to tell which side you're looking at

No More Mister Nice Guy

Skeptical Briefs Volume 5.2, June 1995

Reality Check
No More Mister Nice Guy

One of the disadvantages of modern technology is that now anybody can publish his/her own book.

Scientific Illiteracy in the Press

Skeptical Briefs Volume 5.1, March 1995

Reality Check

I’m the first to admit it: I have not made a scientific, double-blind study of this phenomenon.

Foibles and Fallacies

Skeptical Briefs Volume 4.4, December 1994

Reality Check

Recently I pulled myself kicking and screaming into the nineties by subscribing to the Prodigy information service.

Tachyons and Other Nonentities

Skeptical Briefs Volume 4.3, September 1994

Reality Check

Sliding across my desk recently came a copy of a full-page ad that had appeared in a journal called Pacific Spirit...

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