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Mark Perakh

Mark Perakh is professor of physics, emeritus at California State University Fullerton. He has authored nearly 300 papers in various fields of physics and electrochemistry, as well as several books; he holds a number of patents and is a recipient of several prizes and awards for his research, including one from the royal society of London for the discovery and study of photodeposition of semiconductors. His latest book, devoted to the dispute between genuine science and fallacious theories like Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, and the like, has been accepted for publication by Prometheus Books.

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Does Irreducible Complexity Imply Intelligent Design?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.6, November / December 2005


Michael Behe's "irreducible complexity," according to "design theorists," implies Intelligent Design of biological systems.

A Presentation Without Arguments: Dembski Disappoints

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 26.6, November / December 2002

A Presentation Without Arguments: Dembski Disappoints

William Dembski is a prominent advocate for Intelligent Design.

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