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Barbara Mervine

Barbara Mervine runs the blog and is author of skeptic children’s books for pre­schoolers, including Fairy Tales, Fairly Told (available at She also lectures on the fun and challenges of working with everyone from alien abductees to Bigfoot hunters.

You Can Lead Believers to Knowledge, but You Can’t Make Them Think

Skeptical Briefs Volume 25.1, Spring 2015

“Give a person an answer, they will know Bigfoot isn’t real. Teach a person skepticism, and they’ll think Bigfoot isn’t real, aliens aren’t visiting from Venus, and they’ll vaccinate their children.”

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Trusting Evidence

Skeptical Briefs Volume 24.2, Summer 2014

Book Review

A review of In Evidence We Trust: The Need for Science, Rationality, and Statistics by Jamie Hale

Carl Sagan, Cosmos,
 and Everything

Skeptical Briefs Volume 23.4, Winter 2013–2014

Carl Sagan, Cosmos,
 and Everything

I consider an archive like a dark, still pool. I like to give it a stir and see what pops up to the surface.

Bigfoot Club Skeptic

May 9, 2013
Bigfoot Club Skeptic

I became the “skeptic” member of the local Bigfoot group almost by chance. I owe the offer to join to the reality TV show “Finding Bigfoot” (they never actually do). The show, featuring perennial Bigfoot personality Matt Moneymaker, has a skeptic, Ranae Holland.

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