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Kevin Christopher

Kevin Christopher was, at the time of this writing, public relations director for the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

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Raelian Update: Sex, Pseudoscience, and Sacrilege

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.1, January / February 2005

News & Comment

In 1950s sci-fi movies, aliens brought mankind gifts like solutions to world peace and the cure for cancer.

A Sociologist’s Journey into the American Heart of Darkness

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 27.1, January / February 2003

A Sociologist’s Journey into the American Heart of Darkness

Review of 'American Exorcism' by Michael Cuneo

2002: The Year of the Conspiracy Crank

Skeptical Briefs Volume 12.4, December 2002

Down-on-their-luck TV news anchors have joined hair-trigger survivalists and End Times evangelists on the conspiracy circuit.

L’Effroyable Auteur

Skeptical Briefs Volume 12.2, June 2002

President of the French leftist organization Reseau Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan, is rising to worldwide recognition as the...

Atlantis: No way, No how, No where

Skeptical Briefs Volume 11.3, September 2001

Atlantis: No way, No how, No where

The myth of the lost civilization of Atlantis has attracted the attention and speculation of several eminent personalities...

Aliens are from Mars, Solved Mysteries from Venus

Skeptical Briefs Volume 11.1, March 2001

Regardless of their merits, some UFO "mysteries"-like the "Roswell Incident"-live for decades in the public imagination...

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