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Justin Trottier

Justin Trottier is the director of CFI Ontario.

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A Little Too Grand?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 35.2, March/April 2011


A review of The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow.

Talking Skepticism to Generation Y

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 33.6, November / December 2009


If anyone ever wonders just what impression a skeptic's words, stories, explanations, and arguments have, there's no better...

Remembering Henry Gordon, Magician, Skeptic, Debunker

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 33.3, May / June 2009

News & Comment

Kemo Kimo Merinickel Pumpernickel. Henry Gordon invented this phrase to use as an incantation in his magic...

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A Physicist’s Spirited Defense of String Theory and Science

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 32.4, July / August 2008

News & Comment

In an era when the public understanding and appreciation of science continues to fall in reciprocal fashion to the rising...

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