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Judith Schlesinger

Judith Schlesinger, PhD, is a psychologist, therapist, educator, musician, jazz critic, and the author of The Insanity Hoax: Exposing the Myth of the Mad Genius, which combines three decades of scholarly research and clinical experience into the first comprehensive analysis of this pseudoscientific stereotype. A psychology professor for seventeen years, Schlesinger’s publications include her film biography of Humphrey Bogart (Metro Books, 1997), articles in The American Psychologist and the British Journal of Psychiatry, the psychology chapter in Stephen Sondheim: A Casebook (Garland Publishing, 2000), and ten years of “Shrinktunes” columns for that explore the overlap between psychology and music.

Stardust, Smoke, and Mirrors: The Myth of the Mad Genius

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 37.5, September/October 2013

Stardust, Smoke, and Mirrors: The Myth of the Mad Genius

The myth of the mad genius began with a misinterpretation of Plato’s “divine madness” and has since gathered support and credibility because of public fascination, media distortion, and enthusiastic pseudoscience.

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