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John Eades

John Eades, PhD, is a graduate of Liverpool University. As a CERN senior physicist he carried out research on antihydrogen and antiprotonic helium in collaboration with Japanese and European colleagues for several years until his retirement. He is now affiliated with Tokyo University.

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Project Greenglow: How Horizon Lost the Message in the Medium

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 41.1, January/February 2017


Some Popular Global Warming Factoids

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 38.6, November/December 2014


Norman Mailer coined the word factoids to describe facts that have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper, but once they do appear they are accepted without question. Some global warming deniers are especially fond of them.

Antimatter Pseudoscience

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 36.2, March/April 2012

Antimatter Pseudoscience

Claims that antimatter annihilation can generate limitless power or lead to unbelievably destructive bombs are greatly exaggerated, as can easily be shown by running a few numbers.

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