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Jason Rosenhouse

Jason Rosenhouse is the author of EvolutionBlog, providing commentary on developments in the endless dispute between evolution and creationism.

Who Designed the Designer?

November 3, 2006

The existence of complex contrivances like computers or automobiles is routinely explained via the intelligent action of...

How Do You Spot A Bad Scientific Argument?

August 22, 2006

Anti-evolutionists are skillful at burying the weaknesses of their arguments beneath a wealth of scientific jargon.

Is Natural Selection a Tautology?

July 5, 2006

As I write this, Ann Coulter’s new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism is currently number one on the...

Does Evolution Have a Thermodynamics Problem?

May 19, 2006

Writing in a recent issue of the politically conservative magazine The American Spectator...

What Is Science?

May 18, 2006

Proponents of intelligent design (ID) offer a wide array of arguments in defense of their views. These arguments are, without...

Are there Any Important Differences between Intelligent Design and Creationism?

February 24, 2006

The Court's decision in the recently completed trial Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Board contains the following:

Why is it Unconstitutional to Teach Intelligent Design?

December 29, 2005

On December 20, 2005, federal judge John Jones handed down his decision in the case Kitzmiller...

Would Stephen Jay Gould Have Signed the “Steves” List?

November 8, 2005

For several years now the National Center for Science Education has maintained Project Steve. This is a list of scientists...

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Why Scientists Get So Angry When Dealing with ID Proponents

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.6, November / December 2005


Intelligent Design proponents are constantly quoting scientists out of context to make it wrongly appear they have grave...

Can Probability Theory Be Used to Refute Evolution? (Part Two)

September 19, 2005

Arguments based on probability theory are a mainstay of creationist literature. There you can find elaborate calculations...

Can Probability Theory Be Used to Refute Evolution? (Part One)

September 19, 2005

In a privately published volume entitled The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved, in Fifty Arguments...

Why do Scientists Get So Angry when Dealing with ID Proponents?

August 26, 2005

I am sometimes asked why supporters of evolution get so angry when addressing proponents of Intelligent Design.

Why Are Scientists Confident that Complex Biological Systems Evolved Gradually?

August 26, 2005

Proponents of intelligent design (ID) assert that certain complex biological systems could not emerge from a gradual...

Should We “Teach the Controversy”?

March 12, 2005

In a recent article about the ongoing disputes about the state science standards in Kansas, Diepenbrock wrote the following:

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