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G.M. Woerlee

Born and raised in Western Australia, G.M. Woerlee is a physician and anesthesiologist who has taught and practiced in Leiden, the Netherlands, for the past twenty-three years. His book Mortal Minds: A Biology of the Soul and the Dying Experience has just been published by DeTijdstroom in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The preface and first chapter of the book are available at the company’s Web site, This article was originally given as a talk at the European Skeptics Conference in London, Sept. 5—7, 2003. Address: Dr. G.M. Woerlee, Kagerstraat 4, 2334CR Leiden, The Netherlands. E-mail:

Darkness, Tunnels, and Light

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 28.3, May / June 2004

Darkness, Tunnels, and Light

Stories of tunnels and bright light have a basis in the structure and functioning of the eyes, the brain, and other senses.

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