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Gene Emery

Gene Emery manages the Massachusetts bureau of the Providence Journal, reviews computer software and video games, and frequently writes about science, medicine and technology. He'll be accepting predictions through Jan. 15 from professional psychics, although they must be for unexpected events guaranteed to make the headlines in 2005.

Psychic Predictions 2005

Psychic Predictions
January 17, 2006
Psychic Predictions 2005

There's 2005, and then there's the 2005 that never was but was supposed to have been, at least if you believed the psychics.

Psychic Predictions 2004

December 22, 2004

Time is running out.

Three Things in Life are Certain: Death, Taxes, and Failed Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 2002

Tabloid Psychics Fail Again In 2002

Failed Psychic Predictions 1999

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 1999
Failed Psychic Predictions 1999

Remember the ‘90s?

Failed Psychic Predictions for 1998

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 1998

Psychic Report Card Dubious Once Again

Psychic Forecasts Were a Big Flop (Again)

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 1997

1997 -- Diana’s Death Eludes Psychics

What? I Don’t Remember That! Tabloid Predictions Miss Again

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 1996

Nineteen ninety-six was an interesting year.

Psychics Strike Out (Again) in 1995

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 1995

According to the folks at the Skeptical Inquirer, the world's best psychics seem to have cracks in their crystal balls.

Psychics Fail Once Again

Psychic Predictions
December 31, 1994

If you thought 1994 has already featured some amazing events, wait until you see what's in store for the final days of the year.

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