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Chris Volkay

Chris Volkay wrote “Bigfoot, Pluto, and ?” in our January/February 2007 issue.

Is This Article on Conspiracies Part of a Conspiracy?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 31.5, September / October 2007


Elvis is alive, Paul McCartney is dead, and the government that couldn't prevent the 9/11 attacks continues masterminding...

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Bigfoot, Pluto and ?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 31.1, January / February 2007


If we could eliminate religious insanity, what person would fly a plane into a building, or blow himself up in a pizza parlor?

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CSI’s Anthony Zuiker: TV’s Man of the Century?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.3, May / June 2005

News & Comment

I nominate Anthony E. Zuiker as TV's man of the century.

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