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Chris Mooney

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Chris Mooney is a science and political journalist, blogger, podcaster, and experienced trainer of scientists in the art of communication. He is the author of four books, including the New York Times bestselling The Republican War on Science and The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality. He blogs for Science Progress, a website of the Center for American Progress and Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Dini is Served

Doubt and About
February 3, 2003

A spat at Texas Tech provides a new wrinkle on Darwinism and science education.

Happy Old Year

Doubt and About
January 9, 2003

When it comes to the media's human cloning coverage, we're still in 1997.

Conversion Fantasies

Doubt and About
December 2, 2002

In paranormalist fiction, the “skeptic” character always comes around in the end.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Skeptics

Doubt and About
November 4, 2002
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Skeptics

Why doubters should celebrate J.K. Rowling's tales of magic and wizardry.

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