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Christian Walters

Christian Walters is a technical writer in Atlanta. He’s been involved in skepticism for about eight years, and he currently leads the Atlanta Skeptics group. He’s a contributor to the award-dodging podcasts Ask a Canadian and The Death Panel. He’s a graduate of Auburn Uni­versity and is eager to talk to you about college football. Walters’s blog, which often includes topics about skeptical outreach, is at

Skepticism in the Video Box

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 36.5, September/October 2012

Skepticism in the Video Box

Skepticism is not just books and talks anymore. With the popularity of social media services, skeptical discussion and inquiry has moved beyond the written word and the podium. If you like your critical thinking in the form of a quick demonstration that can be as short as a music video, YouTube has you covered.

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