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Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan's photo

Carl Sagan was a science popularizer, co-creator and host of Cosmos, and author or co-author of many books including The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.

Science’s Vast Cosmic Perspective Eludes Religion

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 31.2, March / April 2007

Science’s Vast Cosmic Perspective Eludes Religion

An excerpt from The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A personal View of the Search for God. by Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan Takes Questions: More From His ‘Wonder and Skepticism’ CSICOP 1994 Keynote

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29.4, July / August 2005

Carl Sagan Takes Questions: More From His ‘Wonder and Skepticism’ CSICOP 1994 Keynote

Carl Sagan takes questions at his CSICOP keynote address in Seattle Washington on June 26, 1994.

Does Truth Matter? Science, Pseudoscience, and Civilization

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 20.2, March / April 1996


Science has beauty, power, and majesty that can provide spiritual as well as practical fulfillment...

Wonder and Skepticism

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 19.1, January / February 1995


Science requires an almost complete openness to all ideas. On the other hand, it requires the most rigorous...

A Celebration of Isaac Asimov: A Man for the Universe

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 17.1, Fall 1992


Isaac Asimov was one of the great explainers of the age. Like T. H. Huxley, he was motivated by profoundly democratic...

Why We Need To Understand Science

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 14.3, Spring 1990


Ignorance of science threatens our economic well-being, our national security, and the democratic process. We must do better.

The Burden of Skepticism

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 12.1, Fall 1987


What is skepticism? It's nothing very esoteric. We encounter it every day. When we buy a used car, if we are the least bit...

Night Walkers and Mystery Mongers: Sense and Nonsense at the Edge of Science

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 10.3, Spring 1986


In Greece of the second century A.D., during the reign of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, there lived a master con man...

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