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Bill Nye

Bill Nye's photo

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) is chief executive officer of The Planetary Society. He learned his love of astronomy from Carl Sagan while earning a mechanical engineering degree at Cornell University. He was the writer, producer, and on-air talent for the Emmy Award-winning Bill Nye the Science Guy TV series from 1992–1998. More recently his program 100 Greatest Discoveries aired on the Science Channel. He is a Committee for Skeptical Inquiry fellow and was the keynote speaker at the recent Center for Inquiry/CSI/CSH Summit Conference in Tacoma, Washington.

Promote Reason, Prevent Climate Catastrophes: Let’s Get ’Er Done

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 40.5, September/October 2016


We must employ critical thinking and our powers of reason to recognize the problems of global climate change, play the hand we are being dealt, and get to work.

Bill Nye’s Take on the Nye-Ham Debate

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 38.3, May/June 2014

Special Report
Bill Nye’s Take on the Nye-Ham Debate

Bill Nye gives his own first-person view of this much-watched and much-discussed debate, the circumstances surrounding it, his preparations and strategy, and the reasons he decided to take part.

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