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Barry Fagin

Barry Fagin is professor of computer science at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The views represented here are his alone. He is an ACLU National Civil Liberties Award Recipient and a syndicated newspaper columnist who writes frequently about skepticism and critical thinking. In 2012, he was named the Colorado Professor of the Year by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. Readers can contact Dr. Fagin at

Valuing Science with Differing Values: Let’s Broaden the Debate in the Skeptical Movement

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 37.3, May/June 2013


What do you do when your heart says one thing and the data says another? When science conflicts with values, which wins the battle for your soul? Which, for that matter, gets your vote?

Skepticism and Politics

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 21.3, May / June 1997


For skeptics who want to be politically active, some options are more attractive than others.

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