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Sadri Hassani

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Sadri Hassani is professor emeritus of physics at Illinois State University and author of several books at graduate, undergraduate, and introductory levels. His blog at is devoted to exposing misconceptions and distortions of science by professional scientists. He wrote “‘Post-Materialist’ Science? A Smokescreen for Woo” in our September/October 2015 issue. Follow @SadriHassani on Twitter.

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Yet Another Title on ‘Quantum’ Consciousness

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 42.2, March / April 2018


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Does E = mc2 Imply Mysticism?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 40.4, July/August 2016


No word stolen from physics is (ab)used in the woo literature more than energy. The most fa- mous equation in physics is often cited as proof that matter and soul are one and the same, a tenet of mysticism.

Deepak Chopra’s ‘Physics’

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 40.1, January/February 2016

Deepak Chopra’s ‘Physics’

Deepak Chopra attempts to connect fundamental concepts of physics to consciousness and spirituality. He started (ab)using physics with his book Quantum Healing. But does he pass the first test of a true scientist: professional integrity?

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