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Ian Harris

Ian Harris is a professional stand-up comedian who infuses skepticism and science into his comedy. His hour TV special Critical & Thinking is currently available on most video-on-demand platforms, and his second special ExtraOrdinary is due out in early 2017.

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Take a Wish Foundation

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 42.3, May / June 2018

The Last Laugh

MMA: Mixed Magical Absurdity?

Skeptical Briefs Volume 27.3, Fall 2017

MMA: Mixed Magical Absurdity?

Ian Harris busts down Chi and its absurd “supernatural” abilities.

Chemtrails Kill… Dude!

Skeptical Briefs Volume 26.3, Fall 2016

Chemtrails Kill… Dude!

We have all probably run into at least one person who is convinced there is a government conspiracy at hand.

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