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Why is it Unconstitutional to Teach Intelligent Design?

by Jason Rosenhouse
December 29, 2005

On December 20, 2005, federal judge John Jones handed down his decision in the case Kitzmiller...

The Mousetrap

by John Allen Paulos
December 19, 2005

Intelligent design rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution as being unable to explain the complexity of life.

Upping the Anti

by Chris Mooney
Doubt and About
December 8, 2005

Tom Bethell takes the modern political right’s “war on science” to a whole new level.

Putting the “Natural” in Natural History: Darwin Exhibit Opens In New York

Putting the “Natural” in Natural History: Darwin Exhibit Opens In New York

by Austin Dacey
November 30, 2005

On the sunny autumn afternoon of Saturday, November 19, I was among the enthusiastic throng at the opening of a new...

Most Haunted Dead

Most Haunted Dead

by Rick Wood
November 19, 2005

For those of you who like a dash of professional wrestling with your paranormal television fare...

Very Like a… Machine?

by Robert Camp
November 15, 2005

"After all, both sides employ comparative devices and analogies (e.g. biologists often refer to cellular systems as machines)."

Would Stephen Jay Gould Have Signed the “Steves” List?

by Jason Rosenhouse
November 8, 2005

For several years now the National Center for Science Education has maintained Project Steve. This is a list of scientists...

Abductive Reasoning

by Chris Mooney
Doubt and About
November 2, 2005

In her first book, Susan Clancy successfully explains how normal Americans can devoutly believe they were kidnapped by aliens.

Halloween Scare Feeds False Fears

Halloween Scare Feeds False Fears

by Benjamin Radford
October 25, 2005

While children dress up as scary creatures and trick-or-treat, parents, police, and medical centers follow another ritual.

Intelligent Design or “No Model” Creationism Part II

by Ronald H. Pine
October 15, 2005

A Total Fraud and a Scam Why It Can't Qualify as Even a Pseudoscience

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