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God’s Gift to Kansas

by Richard Dawkins
August 26, 2005

"Most scientists are bored by what they have already discovered. It is ignorance that drives them on."

Winking Jesus Statue: Mystery Solved!

Winking Jesus Statue: Mystery Solved!

by Joe Nickell
August 9, 2005

According to a New Jersey street preacher, a Jesus statue he had installed as part of a sidewalk shrine suddenly opened one eye.

Science Wars II

by Chris Mooney
Doubt and About
July 19, 2005

Where does the debate now stand over science and the Bush administration?

Statistics and the Test of Natasha

by Ray Hyman
June 7, 2005

This commentary is a supplement to my previous report on CSICOP's test of Natasha Demkina's claim (Hyman, 2005).

Less than Miraculous

by Chris Mooney
Doubt and About
May 25, 2005

If there's a silver lining to the recent widespread promotion of the paranormal on television...

The Multiple Meanings of Public Understanding

by Matt Nisbet
Science and the Media
April 28, 2005

Why Definitions Matter to the Communication of Science

The Girl with Normal Eyes

The Girl with Normal Eyes

by Andrew A. Skolnick
April 21, 2005

Many people in Russia and the U.K. believe a teenage girl can identify diseases in patients better than their physicians.

Waking Up to Sleep Paralysis

by Chris Mooney
Doubt and About
April 13, 2005

The range of "paranormal" experiences that this condition may explain--from alien abductions to ghosts sightings--is truly vast.

Should We “Teach the Controversy”?

by Jason Rosenhouse
March 12, 2005

In a recent article about the ongoing disputes about the state science standards in Kansas, Diepenbrock wrote the following:

Out of Balance

by Chris Mooney
Doubt and About
March 3, 2005

Even with respect to extraordinary and absurd claims, ABC and Peter Jennings listen to "both sides."

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