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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 28.4

July / August 2004

Capital Punishment and Homicide: Sociological Realities and Econometric Illusions

Ted Goertzel

Fundamental Cosmological Understanding Eludes Us

James N. Gardner

Pranks, Frauds, and Hoaxes from Around the World

Robert Carroll

Toutatis Threatens Totally

Robert Sheaffer

Volume 28.3

May / June 2004

Belgium Skeptics Commit Mass Suicide

Luc Bonneux

Bridging the Chasm between Two Cultures

Karla McLaren

The Cold War’s Classified Skyhook Program: A Participant’s Revelations

B.D. Gildenberg

Darkness, Tunnels, and Light

G.M. Woerlee

Volume 28.2

March / April 2004

The Case of the Holy Fraudster

Massimo Polidoro

Development of Beliefs in Paranormal and Supernatural Phenomena

Christopher H. Whittle

From Internet Scams to Urban Legends, Planet (hoa)X to the Bible Code

Kendrick Frazier

In Praise of Ray Hyman

James Alcock

The Stigmata of Lilian Bernas

Joe Nickell

Why Is Religion Natural?

Pascal Boyer

Volume 28.1

January / February 2004

Anti-Vaccination Fever: The Shot Hurt Around the World

William John Hoyt, Jr.

European Skeptics Congress: With Alt-Med’s Rising Popularity, Health Issues High on Agenda

Wendy M. Grossman

A Geologist’s Adventures with Bimini Beachrock and Atlantis True Believers

Eugene A. Shinn

Judging Authority

Jere H. Lipps

Science Always Trumps Pseudoscience - and a Still Broader Mission for SI

Kendrick Frazier

Volume 27.6

November / December 2003

Ann Druyan Talks About Science, Religion, Wonder, Awe . . . and Carl Sagan

Ann Druyan

The Curse of Bodie: Legacy of Ghost-Town Ghosts?

Joe Nickell

Neither Intelligent nor Designed

Bruce and Frances Martin

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Amanda Chesworth

Volume 27.5

September / October 2003

Faking UFO Photos for the Twenty-First Century

Tom Callen

The Ongoing Problem with the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Kimball C. Atwood

They See Dead People - Or Do They?: An Investigation of Television Mediums

Jim Underdown

UFOs Hot and Cold

Robert Sheaffer