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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 40.4

July/August 2016

Artistic Provocations from 
Skeptical Inquirers: An Exhibit

Massimo Pigliucci

A Skeptical Response to Science Denial

John Cook

Bad Medicine

Bernard M. Patten

Dear Readers, This Is about You . . . and Us

Does Astrology Need to Be True? A Thirty-Year Update

Geoffrey Dean

Does E = mc2 Imply Mysticism?

Sadri Hassani

Does the Universe Revolve around Me?

Matthew P. Wiesner

Egging the Equator

Benjamin Radford

Good News for Grouches: Happiness May Be Overrated

Stuart Vyse

Heavy with Praise, Light with Skepticism

James Alcock

Jesse James’s ‘Haunts’: Legends, History, and Forensic Science

Joe Nickell

Obesity: ‘Fat Chance’ or Failure of Sincerity?

Kenneth W. Krause

Partisan Pandemics

Matt Nisbet

The Do’s and Don’ts of Trusting Science

Faye Flam

The ‘Phoenix Lights’ Become an ‘Incident’

Robert Sheaffer

Two Artists Combine Art, 
Science, and Skepticism

Russ Dobler

Volume 40.3

May/June 2016

A Testament of Belief Masquerading as Science

Michael J. Reynolds

Creators of the Paranormal

Joe Nickell

CRISPR-Cas9: Not Just Another Scientific Revolution

Kenneth W. Krause

Dissociation and Paranormal Beliefs, Toward a Taxonomy of Belief in the Unreal

Matthew J. Sharps, Schuyler W. Liao, and Megan R. Herrera

Don’t Fear a Franken Public

Matt Nisbet

Gallows Ghosts? Mystery at Brisbane’s Tower Mill

Joe Nickell

Hallucination or Revelation?

Harriet Hall

New X-Files Renews Cover-Up Conspiracy Claims

Robert Sheaffer

Scientific Reasoning at the USAF Academy: An Examination into Titanium-Treated Necklaces

Craig A. Foster, Christopher K, McClernon, and Richard F. Reich

Stick It In Your Ear! How Not To Do Science

Harriet Hall

Theresa Caputo: The Fake Long Island Medium

Massimo Polidoro

The Art and Science of the Scam: Implications for Skeptics

Scott O. Lilienfeld

The Nature of ‘Nature’

Paul Brown

U.K. Viral ‘Ghost Photo’ Explained

Benjamin Radford

Volume 40.2

March/April 2016

Another Really Bad Week for the Supplements Industry, Including Criminal Charges

Steven Salzberg

A Celebrity’s Experience in Scientology

Wendy M. Grossman

A Numerate Life

John Allen Paulos

Biological Race and the Problem of Human Diversity

Kenneth W. Krause

Clear Thinking About Cancer

Harriet Hall

Cyptozology and Global Warming

Benjamin Radford

Divine Providence or Divine Malfeasance: A Skeptical Inquiry

Nicholas S. Molinari

Does the Scientific Method Have Biblical Origins?

Brian Bolton

Guns: Feeling Safe Does Not Equal Being Safe

Stuart Vyse

In Search of Mary Magdalene

Massimo Polidoro

Missiles and Saucers

Robert Sheaffer

Pensar claramente sobre el cáncer

Harriet Hall, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Searching for the Yowie, the Down Under Bigfoot

Joe Nickell

Shifting the Conversation about Climate Change

Matt Nisbet

Skepticism and the Nature of the Mind

Daniel A. Vogel

The Mote in Thy Brother’s Eye

Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross

The Physics of Martial Arts

Peter Huston

Volume 40.1

January/February 2016

Deepak Chopra’s ‘Physics’

Sadri Hassani

Do We Really Want Science-Informed Candidates?

Kendrick Frazier

Hanging Out with Hangar 1

Robert Sheaffer

Have You Seen the Toucan Man?

Benjamin Radford

Illusions of Memory

Elizabeth Loftus

Invasion of the Pod People

Robert Sheaffer

Lincoln’s ‘Haunting’ Presence

Joe Nickell

Mistaken Memories of Vampires: Pseudohistories of the Chupacabra

Benjamin Radford

Pseudorelatos sobre el chupacabras

Benjamin Radford, traducido por Alejandro Borgo – CFI/Argentina

Skepticism in Popular Music: The Art of Discourse

Susan Gerbic

The Brown Mountain Lights: Solved! (Again!)

Joe Nickell

The ‘Lie Detector’ Test Revisited: A Great Example of Junk Science

Morton E. Tavel

The Science of Meaning

Gleb Tsipursky

The Sixteenth European Skeptics Congress, London 2015

Michael Heap and Chris French

The SkeptiCal Conference

Susan Gerbic

The X-Files Effect? Research Suggests We Shouldn’t Worry so Much over the Hit TV Series

Matt Nisbet

Trends in Scientific Knowledge, Education, and Religion

Charles S. Reichardt

Volume 39.6

November/December 2015

A Protopian View of Moral Progress

Daniel Grassam

Beware Mesmer Thieves!

Benjamin Radford

From N-Rays to EmDrives: When Does Science Become Pseudoscience?

David Koepsell

Is the EmDrive Pseudoscience?

Leonard Tramiel

La búsqueda de evidencia negativa

Joe Nickell & James McGaha, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Memior of an Accused Satanist

Mike Moran

On Her Majesty’s Secret Saucers

Robert Sheaffer

Poltergeist Scribbler: The Bizarre Case of Matthew Manning

Joe Nickell

Ten Distinguished Scientists and Scholars 
Named Fellows of Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

The Editors

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Delusion: Looking Back after Forty Years

Larry Kusche

The Charlie Charlie Challenge

Massimo Polidoro

The Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming

James Lawrence Powell

The Devil and the Details

Jérémie Harris and Edouard Harris

The Man Who Solved the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Kendrick Frazier

The Rendle-Sham Case: Phony and Phonier

Robert Sheaffer

The Search for Negative Evidence

Joe Nickell and James McGaha

Through Me, the Universe: A Stroll through the Curious Solipsism of Biocentrism

Dale DeBakcsy

Unlocking the Treasures

David Kordahl

We Are All GMOs

Matan Shelomi

Volume 39.5

September/October 2015

A Textbook Case in Georgia Remembered

Glenn Branch

Correlations: How Do We Ever Establish Definite Causation?

Morton E. Tavel

Encouraging Evidence-Free Enterprise: Business on a Bed of Sand

Brian D. Engler and Eugenie V. Mielczarek

Is the Pope Catholic?

Kenneth R. Miller

Is Wikipedia a Conspiracy? Common Myths Explained

Susan Gerbic

Playing with Past Lives: The Virginia Boy and the Dead Marine

Benjamin Radford

‘Post-Materialist’ Science? A Smokescreen for Woo

Sadri Hassani

‘Reason for Change’: Quacks and Cranks, GMOs and Climate, Science and Philosophy

Kendrick Frazier

‘Reason’ Topics and Real Science vs. False Mysteries

Kendrick Frazier

The 1848 ‘Enormous Serpent’ of the Daedalus Identified

Gary J. Galbreath

The Black Madonna: A Folkloristic and Iconographic Investigation

Joe Nickell

The Case of the Haunting Handprints

Joe Nickell

The Future of the Center for Inquiry

Ronald A. Lindsay

The Pope’s Encyclical on Climate and the Planet: Will It Change the Debate?

Kendrick Frazier

The ‘Roswell Slides’ Fiasco: UFOlogy’s Biggest Black Eye

Robert Sheaffer

World-Changing Genius, Creativity, and Teamwork

Kendrick Frazier