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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 35.1

January/February 2011

Defending Isagenix: A Case Study in Flawed Thinking

Harriet Hall

Magnetic Healing: An Old Scam That Never Dies

Steven Novella

‘Pop’ Culture: Patent Medicines Become Soda Drinks

Joe Nickell

The Aura: A Brief Review

Bridgette M. Perez

The Conspiracy Meme

Ted Goertzel

The Right Stuff

Steven Doloff

The Voynich Manuscript: The Book Nobody Can Read

Klaus Schmeh

Volume 34.6

November/December 2010

Frankenstein Was Not a Doctor

Ron Watkins

From the Edge of Postcards: The Wem Ghost Photo

Blake Smith

Ghost-Hunting Mistakes: Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Investigations

Benjamin Radford

Hovering UFO Closes Chinese Airport

Robert Sheaffer

How to Make a Monster!

Massimo Polidoro

Infrared Cameras and Ghost Hunting

Benjamin Radford

MythBusters’s Adam Savage

Karen Stollznow

The Poor, Misunderstood Placebo

Steven Novella

The Storms over Climate Change

David Morrison

The True Cross: Chaucer, Calvin, and the Relic Mongers

Joe Nickell

Volume 34.5

September/October 2010

A Gifted Writer and a Book Worth Giving

Harriet Hall

A Martin Gardner Sampler

The Editors

A World Treasure

Kendrick Frazier

Illusionists at Work

Edzard Ernst

Martin Gardner’s Contributions to the World of Books

Paul Kurtz

Martin Gardner’s Notable Books

The Editors

Martin Gardner’s Presence

Joe Nickell

Martin Gardner: A Polymath to the Nth Power

Ray Hyman

Martin Gardner: A Tribute and Celebration

The Editors

Martin Gardner Has Left Us

James Randi

Nostradamus: A New Look at an Old Seer

Joe Nickell

Other Tributes to Martin Gardner

The Editors

Raising the Bar for Investigating Paranormal Claims

Robert Carroll

Should Chiropractors Treat Children?

Samuel Homola

Swedenborg and Dr. Oz

Martin Gardner

The Humble Demigod

Robert Sheaffer

The Martin Gardner Collection

The Editors

We Have Lost an Icon

James Alcock

Volume 34.4

July / August 2010

A Skeptic’s View of Pharmaceutical Progress

Reynold Spector

Fabricating Communication

Maarten Boudry, Roeland Termote, and Willem Betz

Oscar, the Death-Predicting Cat

Joe Nickell

Testing for X-Ray Vision

Massimo Polidoro

The Mysterious Invisible ‘Rods’

Benjamin Radford

The Real ‘Ghost Whisperer’

Joe Nickell

Thinking Critically about Computer Security Trade-offs

Adam Slagell

Volume 34.3

May / June 2010

Abductions and Hoaxes

Joe Nickell

Chasing the Ghost Bird

Benjamin Radford

Did a Cosmic Impact Kill the Mammoths?

David Morrison

How to Test a Miracle

Massimo Polidoro

Power Balance Technology

Harriet Hall

Review of “Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be” by Daniel Loxton

Benjamin Radford

The War of the Weasels

Dave Thomas

War of the Weasels

Dave Thomas

When Scientists Actually Change Their Minds

Mark Boslough

Volume 34.2

March / April 2010

American Physical Society Rejects Climate Anti-Science

John R. Mashey

An Eye for the Ladies

Kenneth W. Krause

Bigfoot Beliefs in Cultural Context

Benjamin Radford

BodyTalk: Boon or Bogus?

Benjamin Radford

Climate Denialism

Massimo Pigliucci

Disinformation about Global Warming

David Morrison

Encounters with Aliens (the Local Kind)

Martin Bridgstock

Entertainment, Fakery, and Ambiguity: Examining New York’s ‘Fortune Telling Law’

Ryan Shaffer

Faith in the Power of Witchcraft

Anthony Layng

Famous Socorro ‘UFO Landing’ a Student Prank?

Robert Sheaffer

James Arthur Ray: New Age Guru and Sweat Lodge Culprit

Martin Gardner

John Edward: Spirit Huckster

Joe Nickell

Mann Bites Dog: Why ‘Climategate’ Was Newsworthy

Mark Boslough

Oprah Winfrey: Bright (but Gullible) Billionaire

Martin Gardner

Our Deliberate Slide into Ignorance

Keith Taylor

Psychic Defective: Sylvia Browne’s History of Failure

Ryan Shaffer and Agatha Jadwiszczok

Solving a Mysterious Event from Long Ago

Terence Hines

The Mystery of the Moving Tombstone

Massimo Polidoro

The Psychic and the Serial Killer: Examining the ‘Best Case’ for Psychic Detectives

Benjamin Radford

Things We Know That Are Not So

Peter Lamal