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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 20.4

July / August 1996

Traditional Medicine and Pseudoscience in China: A Report of the Second CSICOP Delegation (Part 1)

Barry L. Beyerstein and Wallace Sampson

Ghostly Photos

Joe Nickell

Science or Pseudoscience? Pentagon Grant Funds Alternative Health Study

Carla Selby and Bela Scheiber

A View from Russia: Popularization of Science as a Tool against Antiscience

Boris Shmakin

A Wayward Way to Buddhist Spirituality

Joseph P. Szimhart

Volume 20.3

May / June 1996

Senior Researcher Comments on the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon in Japan

Markus Pössel & Ron Amundson

A Study of Fantasy Proneness in the Thirteen Cases of Alleged Encounters in John Mack’s Abduction

Joe Nickell

What’s That I Smell? The Claims of Aromatherapy

Lynn McCutcheon

Workshop Report: To Err Is Human

Nancy Shelton

Volume 20.2

March / April 1996

Does Truth Matter? Science, Pseudoscience, and Civilization

Carl Sagan

The Evidence for Psychic Functioning: Claims vs. Reality

Ray Hyman

Miracle Photographs

Joe Nickell

Scientific Knowledge Is Money in the Bank

Mark Boslough

Staking Claims: The Vampires of Folklore and Fiction

Paul Barber

Volume 20.1

January / February 1996

A Surgeon’s View: Alien Autopsy’s Overwhelming Lack of Credibility

Joseph A. Bauer

Looking Up To Logic

Bryan Farha

Science and Reason in Film and Television

William Evans

Volume 19.6

November / December 1995

“Alien Autopsy” Hoax

Joe Nickell

“Alien Autopsy” Show-and-Tell: Long on Tell, Short on Show

C. Eugene Emery Jr.

Bra Hazards, Carpet Circles, Lunar Aliens, and Adam’s Animals

Robert Sheaffer

CSICOP Assists in Philadelphia TV Station’s Psychic “Sting”

Joe Nickell

Eyewitness Testimony and the Paranormal

Richard Wiseman, Matthew Smith, and Jeff Wisman

Volume 19.5

September / October 1995

China, Chi, and Chicanery: Examining Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Theory

Peter Huston

Mystical Medical Alternativism

Jack Raso